General View

About Prosperity®

Prosperity® is a legally registered die steel wholesale and finish machining brand under Holic Import & Export Co., LTD(辽宁省汇利进出口贸易有限公司) in China.

Founded in 2003, Prosperity® now is one of the greatest die steel processing factories in China.

Prosperity® is now working with 20 major die steel manufacturers and it has 3 special steel finish machining factories in China, employing more than 300 employees, including die steel experts, die steel quality control experts, various management talents, multilingual sales and workers. Each factory has a large number of die steel stock throughout the year, which is stably supplied to old customers.

Prosperity® has independent R & D Department, new products are developed for the steel industry every year. The group company attaches great importance to the power of science and technology, and every year it eliminates outdated production capacity and upgrades its production equipment.

Prosperity® has independent Quality Control Department, the group company pay close attention to product quality control, and the Quality Control Department exists independently of each factory. Due to the stable product quality, our customer retention rate has reached 95%, and a large number of new customers choose to work with us every day.

Prosperity® is a die steel B2B brand that represents business reputation. Retail customers can easily switch to another brand if they are not satisfied with the product quality, while for business cooperative partners, only one unqualified delivery may mean losing a group of customers forever. Moreover, huge price changes may also cause our customers to lose customers, so we never quote high price to any customer, nor do we increase price in disguise.

Prosperity® are looking forward to working closely with the textile industry all over the world!